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This review applies to version 2.0. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

Guncraft is a voxel-based first person shooter that boasts fully destructible environments. The program enables you to construct individual blocks or full structures in a single click, tons of killstreak rewards such as helicopters, jetpacks, bunker buster missiles, drones and turrets.

What's new in version 2.0

1. Block packs
- Maps are now composed of core blocks and block pack blocks.
- Core blocks are the ones you have right now with a few extras - they exist in every map for backwards compatibility and because they are used by prefabs
- Each map can choose up to 3 block packs - selection is on the escape menu in the level/prefab editor
- There's 5 block packs in this build - Holiday, Wild West, Deep Cave, Under the Sea, Colors.
- Removing a block pack in the editor will remove all those blocks from the world!
- Block packs can contain at most 64 blocks with at most 64 faces - which ever limit is hit first. In practice this means a block pack has less than 64 blocks.
- You cannot define your own block packs - they come from us as DLC
- Prefabs can contain core blocks and block pack blocks but
2. UI
- Big changes in the menus. Most screens are done for the beta but the rest will happen over the next week. Please report the screens to us so we can make sure we've got them all. Screen shots please.
3. Resolution support
- Finally probably the #1 request in the first week. The game will now scale so you get higher resolution support if you have a bigger monitor
- The minimum we support is 1280x720 - below that we continue to to the scaling/letterboxing that we already do. Above that we should scale intelligently and the game play itself will run at full resolution.
- Full screen is whatever resolution your monitor is set to. This is because we use windows dialogs in many places and switching in and out of full screen was fairly unstable.
- Ironsight issues: Custom weapons use a 16:9 image that we scale. If you have a wider monitor then we will duplicate the left and right edges across the screen. This is great if its intended but not in some cases. So some iron sights will need to be edited. There's not much we can do about this as it looks odd one way or the other.
4. Special Blocks
- Trap blocks - We have two kinds, traps that are activated by a nearby button/floor plate and traps that are activated when you walk over them. They work similar to the checkpoints in that you have numbers over each saying what list they're in, triggers from list 1 will activate all traps in list 1, etc. Page Up/Page Down while looking at the block changes which list the trap/trigger is in.
- Triggered traps - disappearing blocks, exploding blocks, arrow shooters
- Disappearing blocks go away permanently unless they're respawnable
- Arrow shooters shoot once if activated with a floor trigger, fire continuously if activated with a button
- Walk-over traps - trapdoor, spikes
- Trap triggers - Buttons (press e to activate) and floor plates. They both look the same right now, this is going to change
- Floor triggers activate every time someone steps on them
- Button triggers activate when you press the "Enter Vehicle" key
- Teleporters - Entrances and exits. Similar to the traps, multiple lists, going into a list 1 entrance will spit you out at a randomly selected list 1 exit.
- Safe zones - Keeps people inside safe. People outside the zone can't enter and people inside the zone can't shoot or build. Arrows and Page Up/Page Down change the size.
- Ladders
- Trampoline blocks now make you jump
- Speed up blocks - force you to sprint (at faster than normal pace) for 1 second after walking on them.
- Slow blocks - Move at glue grenade speeds while walking on them.
5. Other additions
- added 4 themed levels - gingerbread (uses Holiday pack), Wild West (uses wild west pack), Deep Cave (uses Deep Cave map) and Under the Sea (used Under the sea pack)
- added 1 skybox for holiday themes
- Slope blocks - press / while looking at a block to make it sloped. Slope blocks are also available in gunsmithing. We only support slopes on TOP of blocks at the moment. Unsure if this will change any time soon.
- Half block collision is only 1/2 blocks tall (for making better stairs)

What's new in version 0.5 beta

-CTF rules
-Windows 8 machines should now see the crash reporter screen
-Bug fixes
-Tighten up the graphics on level 3

What's new in version 0.4

Tons of crash fixes
Added sound effects for bike and tank movement, vehicle weapons
Momentum preserved while in air
New privacy setting for clans, players can apply to clans, clan leaders accept or reject applications
Added models for some weapon projectiles (Blockbuster, AC-1337)
Added Kickstarter reward weapons
* If you backed the Kickstarter then you should now have access to any weapons that came with your pledge
Randomizing teams should work correctly now
Prep phase for CTF and Siege Mode
* The host can select a time between 0-5 minutes
* At the beginning of the game you will have that much time to prepare any defenses for your base
For Multiplayer Free Build the host can now choose an empty map
Fixed bug in some maps where parts of the world weren't being drawn
Host can now force start the game
* Any players not ready 10 seconds after the host forces start are kicked
New loading screens
* Click stats in the online lobby to access them
* These are still rough and don't have a UI yet;
see for what all the numbers mean
* Due to a bug Score, Captures, Max Wave, Freezes, and Siege Blocks aren't currently being collected for the leaderboards, those will be zero until the next beta
New map: Blocktotron by Erk

What's new in version 0.3 beta

0.30 Beta 11 - Anyone for Spleefing?
Spleef mode and 2 new spleef levels - let us see your designs!
Siege mode reinvented. Be the first team to build your trebuchet to win!
Lava mode - 'dead' players now have limited griefing abilities on live players. They can delete 1 block every 10 seconds. Grief away!
Some new maps inspired by.... well you work it out :-)
Grenades do more damage - they should kill more often. AoE for glue/gunk increased
Miner bonus - Swords being able to place prefabs has been replaced with the drill now becoming automatic.
Hopefully a fix for the sound 'popping' - again let us know
Field of view slider
You can disable swear word filter if you choose. (Note that we will still kick and ban people who abuse others/cross the line)
Lots of memory optimizations - hopefully less Out Of Memory crashes
Many other crash bugs fixed too...
- Including a couple in standalone server
- infinite jetpack fuel fixed
- sprint parachute sprint exploit also gone

Publisher's description

Guncraft is a first person shooter game utilizing the voxel style made popular by the highly acclaimed game, Minecraft. This game will take traditional FPS elements and combine them with construction to create a fast paced, diverse, and extremely unique level of gameplay. Combine that with a multiplayer editor and tons of modding capabilities, and you have yourself a very versatile game.

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